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Who has the most followers on Instagram? and Their Marketing Case Studies?

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Instagram was launched back in the year 2010. At that time no one was sure that one day it will become one of the biggest social media platforms. There are a lot of people who just created their Instagram profile and what happens next will give you some major inspiration. Yes, I am talking about Instagram influencers, who had achieved success in few hours and Instagram made them an overnight celebrity. There is a long list of Instagram influencers and overnight celebrities who have followers in millions and they are earning a lot just through one social media account. 

There are several ways of getting Instagram followers. If you want to be an influencer, or you are thinking of starting an online business. Then the best and the shortest way of getting a huge number of followers is to buy Instagram followers from an authentic shop. But make sure, all the followers are original and active accounts. Bot followers (fake or inactive accounts) can have a very bad impact and they can ruin your reputation very easily. 

I believe in one thing work smart is better than working hard. Same goes for becoming an Instagram influencer, you can do it by working smart and buy Instagram followers. There are several best websites to buy Instagram followers at very reasonable rates. 

In the article below I am going to list down the accounts who have the most followers in the world. Let’s check out the list of top Instagram accounts and their marketing strategies. 

List of top Instagram accounts in the world: 

The following are some of the Instagram influencers with the huge fan following. Each influencer is serving as an inspiration for business and brands. And they are perfect examples of how to become respectable using your Instagram account. 

Huda Kattan: Makeup influencer and Blogger

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hudabeauty/

Huda Kattan started her Instagram account as a blogger. She was a makeup expert and she knew how to create different looks using simple makeup techniques. Huda Kattan has turned her account into a public account with the name “Huda beauty” and now she has 29 million followers. Whoa!! This is a huge fan base no doubt. 

If you are a makeup artist and have a talent for creating different makeup looks then Instagram is no doubt a great place to start your brand. Without wasting any time, let’s start today, show your makeup expertise to the world through a social media platform. 

Marian Ezzidine: Cooking with Mima 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cookinwithmima

The next account that has millions of followers is cooking with Mima. Marian Ezzidine is a cooking expert who has her personal Instagram account with around 2.4 million followers. What she does it, to create easy to cook recipes. Her focus is on the healthier foods that are low in fats but keep you very active all day. The best thing about her cooking blog is the presentation. She is very smart and she knew how to attract maximum people towards her Instagram account. 

Hey you, if you are also a cooking expert what are you waiting for? Instagram can make you an overnight celebrity (influencer). Create your Instagram profile right away and start your blog. 

Kayla Itsines: Personal trainer and fitness expert

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kayla_itsines

Kayla is an Australian fitness expert that has an Instagram account with 10.2 million followers. Yes, that is a huge fan following. Kayla posts her inspirational fitness videos and pictures on her account. She has a lot of fitness tips and diet plans over there. One of the reasons for her huge fan following is her bikini body guides videos and pictures. Also, she was featured in Time magazine as one of the top 30 most influential people on the internet. She is surely an inspiration for thousands of women around the world. 

 Every one of us knows how all women are obsessed with the bikini body. And I am sure women can do every possible thing to get that biking figure. In case you are also a fitness freak, and you are looking for simple yet most amazing fitness tips than Kayla Itsines is the fitness expert you need to follow. 

There is no doubt that fitness is one of the important topics that can be promoted using social media. As fitness videos are motivational and they can attract the maximum audience. If you have got some fitness tips, or you are a yoga expert, start influencing others using just an Instagram account. 

Kylie Jenner: Versatile Women

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kyliejenner

I can’t figure out, why exactly Kylie is famous for. She is a makeup expert, fashion inspiration, she flaunts her modelling, and in short, she is a versatile woman. Kylie Jenner is the most famous Instagram influencer with 118.5 million followers. One of the most followed accounts in the world. 

She makes millions of dollars just by doing a sponsored post on her Instagram account according to Hoppers Instagram rich list, Kylie is the most paid Instagram influencer. It is estimated that she made around 1 million dollars on every sponsored Instagram post. It has blown my mind away. You can earn this much just by a social media account. Mostly Kylie promotes her makeup products, she is the owner of a whole makeup empire. Her profile is very well managed, and she has demonstrated her makeup kits quite well. 

You can also use your Instagram account to promote your brand and skills. 


Each Instagram influencer has a huge number of fan following. It’s not like they have been followed by people from their region but from the whole world. Have you noticed how all of them are using simple marketing techniques to get famous? Yes, you need to be very active on your social media accounts. Post daily pictures, try to communicate with your followers as much as you can. And use different techniques to attract maximum audience. Like usage of relative hashtags, out of the box topics and inspirational videos and all of them buy Instagram followers, in the beginning, to get started. 

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