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Kissanime Alternatives – All You Need to Know About It

Kissanime allows you watch free animation movies, I know you love Kissanime and that’s’ why you are here but do you really know everything about the website you love to watch animation movies, do you know if Kissanime anime is safe to browse? Do you know if it is legal to use or not? Stay tuned with this article, and you will find all that information with the legal and safe list of Kissanime alternatives. There are many websites which allow people to download movies and dramas through the internet. But have you ever heard about the website which gives your animated movies and dramas? Yes, it exists! it is none other than the KissAnime. Do many people think that how to watch anime online?  Then the answer to this question is KissAnime. Not only the kids love to watch the animated shows but adults love them too. Most of the people all around the globe especially the teens are moving towards the animated shows. The reason is the storyline of the animated shows are much better than the normal television series. Most of the parents also refer to their children to watch the animated shows because it is free from the adultery content. So, KissAnime is the best option for all animation lovers. This website will allow you to download the animated shows. Now the question arises is; is KissAnime is safe? You will get all the information related to KissAnime in this article. 


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What is KissAnime?

Basically, KissAnime is a website that allows you to watch and download animated shows. It is very useful for all those people who want to watch the animated series. KissAnime is popular among people due to two reasons. Firstly, it gives the HD quality dubbed and subbed animated shows. Secondly, the content on the website is totally free. You can watch animated websites with free streaming. As compare to other websites the KissAnime contains the largest collection of animated shows. The video quality of the KissAnime ranges from 240p -1080p.  KissAnime is basically a simple interface. It contains a number of categories which includes horror, comedy, romance, fighting and many more. It is considered as the king of the animated shows. Many people learn Chinese symbols through these shows. The users of KissAnime spend hours watching the animated shows. 

Is KissAnime is safe and legal?

Without any hesitation, KissAnime is one of the biggest websites that gives you the unlimited collection of the animated shows. You can watch animated shows on it without paying any fee. But the question is; Is KissAnime is safe and legal? So the answer to this question is KissAnime is safe but not legal. First, discuss the legality than the safety of KissAnime. 

Is Kissanime Legal?

is kissanime legal?

KissAnime is a not legal platform. The reason behind this is the shows that are available on the website are not provided with the legal ways which are tracked by the applications. But be calm you will never get arrested by watching the shows on it. KissAnime is similar to other streaming websites. In such platforms, the streamers will fetch those shows through illegal means. It is considered unlawful to download the shows from the KissAnime. But the viewers of the KissAnime do not get in terrible by watching the shows over there.   


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Is Kissanime Safe?

is kissanime safe?

Now let’s move towards the safety of the KissAnime. Most of the people think that KissAnime is not safe to use and it contains some viruses which will affect the computers. But the best thing is, according to the latest research KissAnime is totally free of viruses and will not affect your computer in any way. The official website of KissAnime doesn’t contain any sort of malware. But be careful, some websites have copied the features and look of KissAnime. Those mirrored websites may contain some of the viruses that will affect your computer. These websites contain all the original content with viruses. So, the official KissAnime do not contain any sort f viruses and malware. 


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How to use and download the shows from KissAnime?

KissAnime is considered as the best thing for all the animated show lovers. But some of the people do not know how to watch anime online? So in this part of the article, you will get to know about How to watch anime online:

  • Firstly, you need to click on the title to redirect the page. The page will contain a list of episodes.
  • Then you have to click on the show that you want to see.  After that, you will see a player of streaming. 
  • On that page, you will see a download option. Click on it to download the show. 
  • You have to select the quality of the show in which you won’t see it.

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded the animated show through KissAnime. 


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Is it necessary to create an account on KissAnime?

The most common question that the users of KissAnime ask is that is it necessary to create an account on KissAnime? So the answer to this question is no. you don’t have to sign up to watch animated shows on KissAnime. But the benefit of signing up is that you will create a list of your favorite show. You will able to share the list of your favorite shows with your friends. The fact is it is the best thing to create an account on KissAnime.  If you don’t make an account on KissAnime then it will work perfectly fine.  


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Beware of the Mirror websites of KissAnime:

The users of KissAnime must be aware of the duplicate websites of KissAnime. There is a number of websites which look like exact as KissAnime. The negative aspects of these mirrored websites are:

  • The users will not access all the animated shows on the mirrored websites. 
  • The quality will not be as same as the original ones. 
  • The dubbing will be awful. 
  • The subs in the show will not be synchronized.
  • Last but not least, the duplicate websites of KissAnime may contain a number of viruses which will affect your computer.


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 The selection and category of KissAnime:

KissAnime gives a broad selection of shows to its viewers. Some people think that KissAnime is just limited to romance and adultery shows. But no, first of all, it doesn’t contain any adultery content. As I mentioned earlier KissAnime contains unlimited animated shows. So the categories that KissAnime gives you are:


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•    Sci-fi

•    Horror

•    Drama

•    Comedy

•    Action

•    Sports

•    Romance

•    Cars

•    Fantasy

•    Magic

•    Physiological etc. 

The shows that are available on the KissAnime are dubbed and subbed too.

30+ KissAnime Alternatives:

There are so many authenticated websites just like KissAnime where you can watch Anime entertainment programs. Sometimes KissAnime goes down due to some website issues or maintenance break. So, the lists of websites given below will be helpful to satisfy your anime entertainment cravings. These sites are not the only alternative of KissAnime but also better than KissAnime.


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1. Anime Season:

Anime season is one of the most popular and highly recommended websites of KissAnime. Thousands of high-quality anime series is available on this website. Just like KissAnime, it is also free to use. There are no subscriptions or monthly charges to watch anime on this website. Anime Season developers upload more than one thousand anime series daily to entertain their users. They not only upload anime in Japanese but also upload it with English subtitles and English dubbed anime.

2.  Anime-Planet:

Anime-Planet was created in 2001 and founded as an LLC in 2007. Anime-Planet is the social website for anime and manga fans with 45000 latest episodes of anime. The best thing on this website that you can construct a personal list by categorizing anime episodes based on ‘legal streaming anime’, latest anime’, ‘top trending of this week’, ‘newest anime’ and more. Most of the anime fans irritate from pop-up ads that’s why this website is ad-free and mostly recommended for anime fans. 

3. Anime Freak:

Anime freak is another alternative for KissAnime which is also absolutely free and uploads high-quality videos daily for their customers. Anime Freak is the central hub to watch anime cartoons with ease and with a minimal number of ads. It is really easy to find any anime video on this website by just searching it or by finding it through categories like most viewed, highest rated and genre.

4. Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is the licensing company and publisher of anime cartoons and dramas and created in 2006 and mostly gained a lot of popularity among the anime lovers. This website not only uploads the latest anime but also upload drama serials, music, manga and seasons of different languages such as English and Japanese. The database of this website contains more than 15000 hours worth of categorized licensed content. They make their website so easy to use so that the user can find their desired content in just a second. This website is also free to use for some content but if you want to access their whole database then you should have to buy a premium subscription package. The pop-up ads are the main issue on this website.

5. 9Anime:

9Anime is a web site for all, whether they are anime fans or not. What is so wonderful or unique about this web site? It does not only upload anime in Japanese but also demonstrates in many more languages, not only English and Japanese.Most people think it a suitable alternative for KissAnime as this website contains more than 25000 high-quality anime movies and serials. Users who prefer English as a native language than on this website you can watch online anime with English dubbed and English subtitles.

6. GoGo Anime:

If you’re an anime fan then this website is one of the best options in the list of KissAnime alternative. This website contains the new season tab to watch new releases which are quite helpful for the users. If you’re new anime fan and you have nothing special in mind to look at, certainly go toGoGoAnimeand you’ll discover something worth yourself.

7. AnimeLab:

AnimeLab is one of the most important venues for anime streaming. Especially because the user doesn’t have to sign up, this is extremely simple to use. All that is needed on your computer is an improved and updated version of flash player so that you can watch high-quality videos without any disturbance. On the web section, you can find the recent uploads and the remainder in the application folder. The scheduled category is also at the bottom of the menu list for all the anime displays to be downloaded.

8. Anilinkz:

Anilinkz is the finest website showing HD anime series from Japan straight. Every week there are series and thousands of posts that can be seen from otherwise. It has all the anime and styles that are common and trending nowadays. Each class is further broken down into a sub-category that offers many alternatives. It is not necessary to register, which leaves this website more recommended for anime fans.

9. Masterani:

Thanks to its continuous update, Masterani is regarded as one of the finest options. They have many parts and their classes can be discovered. On the portal, you can now access the new sequence, the current trending, and a full schedule. It is totally open and free and therefore one of the most visited Anime Website.

10. HorribleSubs:

Most of the users think that it is illegal to use the pirated site to watch anime. Through this website and by using add-ons you can access paid anime contents for free. Horrible subs are relatively fresh to the industry, but still capable of the roster. It enables HD animation to be streamed, but not restricted to that. It can also be downloaded. The site includes a lot of films and such interesting material in its database.

Final Verdict About Kissanime:

KissAnime is the best website for all those people who love to watch animated shows. The website contains a lot of category regarding the animated shows. In the above article, you will get know about various things related to KissAnime. The major questions related to KissAnime are; is it’s safe? And what are the alternatives of KissAnime? You will get all these answers in the above article. It is highly recommended websites for anime lovers. You will definitely thank me later after using the KissAnime.      

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