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How To Annotate On Google Docs

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What is annotation? And what is the use of annotation? Critical or explanatory notes or comments should be made or provided. Annotations are used to provide additional program data. Annotations do not alter a compiled program’s action. Annotations assist associate metadata with components of the program, i.e., instance variables, builders, techniques, courses, etc.

We use google docs to perform annotation as Google Docs is a reliable instrument for collaborating and producing documents in real-time. Multiple users can edit a material simultaneously while instantly seeing the modifications of each other. Steps written below will help you in how to annotate on google docs Users can generate text, slide, spreadsheet, drawing, and survey papers.

Steps to learn:

Now let me pen down some necessary steps to achieve the goal of how we can annotate on google docs?

Step # 1:

 highlight text as you would always insert a remark in your Google Doc.

Step # 2:

To insert a blank Comment bubble, use the Google Docs Insert menu or right-click. Press Ctrl + Alt + M (Windows) or + Option + M (Mac) to insert a blank comment after text has been highlighted. There is still no keyboard shortcut for Microsoft Word to add a comment.

Step # 3: 

Right-click on the Annotate PRO menu to access the Annotate Comments primary categories.

Step # 4: 

Browse the Comment Label You Want to Use You’ll find 70 + of the most famous remarks you’ve ever made, most of them have connections to external resources so you can provide learners with very targeted, useful feedback with just one click.

Step # 5: 

Click on that a full comment, including clickable connections to internet resources, will appear in the bubble of the Google Docs Comment with one click. Of course, for the specific document you are reading, you can customize the text just let Annotate do 90% of the heavy lifting.

Moreover, we can use different online or offline tools to perform annotation on google docs also.

You can see the tutorials and steps to follow and see what the best thing that you can use is and how you can then annotate. It’s one of the most comfortable stuff for the professional but it can be a bit difficult for beginners, but the steps above you can read them and see them if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you can always see the help from Youtube and other blogs.

 Once you have read the steps, you can ever get this thing quickly but still not ask any questions In the comments box. For professionals, it’s the most valuable thing it always tells you what exactly you are looking to do and what not. To see the steps and get along with it to learn it properly.

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