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Happy Sugar Life – Anime Review, Wiki, How to Watch

Happy Sugar Life Review

This anime is a psychological thriller by a Japanese writer and illustrator, TomiyakiKagisora. The anime premiered on May 22nd, 2015. It aired in Japan between 14th July and 29th September 2018.

It is about a girl called SatōMatsuzaka. She had been known for sleeping with different boys all the time.

However, one day she met an innocent mysterious girl called Shio and she is convinced she feels true love for her. She is willing to do anything to protect that love, even committing murder.

Satou tells everyone that she lives with her aunt in order to keep her relationship with Shio a secret. She is very protective over Shio. Without Shio, she often becomes empty and heartbroken and that’s what makes her eliminate any threat to their cute happy life.

Around her workmates, she is very sweet and most of them admire her for how skilled she is and how easily she adapts to any situation.


1.      SatōMatsuzaka

She is the teenage girl who falls in love with a strange girl and decided to keep her in her apartment. She works as a waitress in order to earn enough money for her and Shio. She dies when she falls off her burning apartment.

2.      ShioKōbe

She is the little girl Satou falls in love with. She cares about Satou but she has no idea whatSatou really does until later on. When Satou dies, she claims to have been re-born as Satou.

3.      Asahi Kōbe

He is Shio’s elder brother.

4.      TaiyōMitsuboshi

He worked with Satou at a family restaurant. He had gone through sexual abuse which made him fear older women. Shio’s innocence gives him peace and he becomes obsessed with her.

5.      ShōkoHida

Satou’s best friend. When she finds out about Sato’s secret relationship with Shio, Satou kills her.

6.      DaichiKitaumekawa

Satou’s perverted High School Teacher who seems to be obsessed with Satou.

7.      Satō’s aunt

She took Satou in after her parents died. She is mentally unstable and lives in the same apartment building as Sato.

8.   Sumire Miyazaki

Satou’sneighbour who seems to have a crush on her.

9.      YūnaKōbe

Shio’s mother who had bipolar disorder after being domestically abused and raped.

Satou’s Character Development

It is no doubt that a character like Satou is quite interesting and thought-provoking. You can’t help but ask yourself what would make someone be the way she is. What happened to them?

Here is a breakdown of how Satou ended up being the way she was;


Both of Satou’s parents died when she was very young leaving her in the hands of her aunt. As she was growing up, her aunt wasn’t the best caregiver and she filled Satou’s innocent mind with all sort of deranged ideas about love. Therefore, as she became a young woman, she only knew what her aunt had taught her to be the only truth.

Her misguided facts led her into finding love for herself and she ended up having relations with one man after another looking for the satisfaction that she never seemed to find. This quickly earned her the reputation of being ‘easy’.

She started working at a café where she met Shoko and they instantly became friends following their common interest in finding a real relationship. Satou’s mentality is completely centred on love and she believes that anything done for love is right.

When she meets Shio, she stops going around with different men and instead gets more jobs to support her and Shio. Her idea is to buildShio a castle where they can stay away happy and away from the filthy world. She shows no intimate intentions towards Shio and this means she completely respects her.

However, everything she does in order to keep her and Shio in a nice little bubble is to the Yandere trope. Being too obsessed with someone that you do not think clearly anymore. The obsession makes her think that she has finally found real love and she does not want to risk losing it.

When they first met, Shio described Satou’s heart as empty but not broken. Satou probably doesn’t want to go back to that feeling of emptiness she has before meeting Shio. She basically picked Shio off the street and took her to her apartment. There are missing person posters of Shio all over town but she is completely unbothered.

What Happy Sugar Life Reflects in Society

Domestic Violence:Shio’s mother was once a very sweet woman until she was married off to a man she never loved who kept beating her until she developed bipolar disorder. The man also tore off his own son’s fingernails to see how long he could endure it. The man was a psychopath. Instead of nursing the poor boy afterwards, he sends him for liquor. This is just crazy.

Parental Neglect: Apart from Asahi’s monstrous father who didn’t seem to care for his kids at all, we need to look at Satou’s aunt. She was careless with bringing up Satou which ended up having permanent negative effects on the poor child. Unfortunately, in the real world, there are still children going through this.

Blind Obedience: This is displayed by Shio over and over again in the series. Her young age accompanied by her innocence may have a lot to do with it too. She believes that Satou has nothing but the best intentions at heart and that’s why she does not dare scream for help or try to run away.Satou completely takes advantage of her innocence.

Child Sexual Abuse:Mitsuboshi had been kidnapped and locked up for a whole week by his boss who would rape and molest him. This affects him so hard that he becomes very afraid of older women to a point of getting sick if one just happens to touch him. This is the reason why he becomes so obsessed with Shio as she depicts the kind of innocence that he does not have to be afraid of, it reassured him and gave him peace.

How to Watch Happy Sugar Life

Happy sugar life only had 12 episodes before it stopped airing in September 2018. It was a very unique anime that most people describe to be so bad that it was good.

It is one of those series that once you watch; you can’t help but start questioning a lot of things happening in society.

When watching this series, you better be prepared to laugh and cry as it really messes with your mind.

The episodes are in order of events with flashbacks inclusive and therefore skipping either one is pretty much a recipe for failure, you will be lost.

The order of episodes is as follows;

1.   The sugar girl eats love– Satou had started living with the girl she believed she loved and taking extra jobs in order to earn enough money for her and Shio. It is in this episode that missing person posters of Shio are posted all over their town.

2.   Shio’s miniature garden – Satou realizes that her teacher, DaichiKitaumekawa, is stalking her and threatens to expose him. She blackmails him into disposing of some unwanted evidence. Satou also meets Asahi and contemplates killing him upon realizing that he knows Shio.

3.   A long monochromatic night – Shio wonders out of the apartment she lives in with Satou and is found by Taiyo who tries to take her home with him but he is attacked by the thugs he rescued Asahi from.

4.   The sugar girl doesn’t notice – Taiyo starts being suspicious of Satou’s intentions towards Shio after seeing her run off with Shio. Another co-worker also starts sniffing Satou’s uniform.

5.   The taste of crime and the taste of punishment – Satoufinds out that Sumire wants to be like her and kisses her to stop her from Prying further. Satou’s Friend Shouko finds out about her obsession with Shio

6.   We revolve around the moon –Shouko begs Satou to tell her the truth at which point Satou offers to take her to a place. Kataumekawa also begins to suspect that Satou killed his aunt.

7.   What the sugar girl is made out of – Kataumekawa sends the police to Satou’s apartment and after searching for a longtime, they find no incriminating evidence. This, however, was not the one she and Shio were actually living in.

8.   Apartment number 1208 – Satou recalled how she had killed the man who tried to kill Shio.

9.   Dissolving rain–Satou kills Shouko.

10.  A proposal under a starry sky – Satou tells Shio about all the things she had done.

11.  An eternal moment with you – Taiyo is sexually assaulted by Satou’s aunt

12.  Happy Sugar Life – Satou dies.

Happy Sugar Life Review

The anime is a very dark story that tries to bring to life various elements of society.

It centred on the love story of two girls, Satou and Shio, who have a very unusual life together. For starters, Shio is a very young girl and Satou is a High School freshman. In real life, that is hardly a love story. It’s just two children playing house. However, considering Sato’s personality and state of mind, this is not your typical everyday child drama.

The film is a psychological horror anime that has a lot of psychologically scarred characters. This was a very well thought out plot that brings the whole idea behind the anime together. It shows individuals who are psychologically suffering and trying to desperately fill the void in their hearts.

The anime leaves the viewer with a feeling of suspense. You are constantly wondering who will die next.Throughout the entire film, you are wondering what this relationship between Satou and Shio really is and the thrill is breathtaking.

The series is also somehow realistic. It portrays so many things that happen in society and nobody can usually see them coming. For example, nobody would expect a sweet girl like Satou to be behind Shio’s disappearance and yet here we are.

Most of the parts in this anime are completely unpredictable. You can hardly tell what is going on with each character until they unfold it for you. This is great as it makes the viewer stay interested to find out what is going on.

However, it also has some very terrible traits about it that may make some people look past it. After all, anime is not exactly for everyone.

It is a tad unrealistic. As much as it tries as hard as possible to show events that actually happen in the real world, they may have exaggerated just a little bit. Satou seems to want to kill everyone, including people who as much as look at shio. That is just ridiculous.

It also has some scenes that are straight out cringy. This is like when Sato as Shiosay their wedding vows or when Shio freezes Satou out and she is on the flow desperate for Shio’s love, it is just so weird.

The show has been accused of the unnecessary sexualisation of people who are too young. For example when Satou asks Shio if she wants to kiss and Shio says no, but she wasn’t saying no for ethical reasons.

All in all, the series is a good show for passing time. If you are someone who loves to see things implode and creepy characters then you will feel quite at home. However, I do insist that it could have done better.

In conclusion, I think this series was well thought out and has a real impact on real life. It shows situations that actually exist in our lives at the moment and how most people suffer in silence.

As much as it had a lot of potential that went to waste in the execution while others were taken overboard, it was still a good series. Too bad it was so short.

Happy Sugar Life Review

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