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Dragon ball Super Episode 130 Watch

We know from the previous episodes that the fight between the last two Universes has already begun in the Dragon ball Super Episode 130. Android 17 has previously sacrificed his life in order to protect Vegeta and Goku from the very powerful Jiren. Universe 7 is now finding it certainly hard to last abreast Universe 11 members.

Vegeta was being great, initially. Despite that, he cannot stand anymore and is eliminated by Jiren. He has lost in the previous episode. The way Vegeta was battling Jiren in Super Saiyan Blue form, we would have never wanted him to get eliminated.

Whether Goku will be able to mark his victory against Jiren or not? Look ahead to know more about episode 130 and get all your answers.

The Episode begins with a little recap of what we have seen, earlier. Goku was still in his full form, which is Ultra Instinct form. He has mastered this form and stands tall before Jiren now. As they both proceed to stare at each other hard, we know that the real fight has commenced.

# Ultra Instinct Powers in Dragon ball Super Episode 130

Other Gods of Destruction also believe that Goku has mastered his Ultra Instinct powers. Jiren has also powered himself and starts counterattacking. We can see spectators carrying different views about the fighters. Piccolo is captivated by the speed of attacks Jiren and Goku are making on each other.

Belmod feels that Jiren will anyway win the tournament of power, while Shin is sure it is Goku who will win. Universe 11 seems to be surprised at the fact that Jiren has to face a lot of trouble to fight Goku. Right then, Jiren remembers how his family and friends were killed by a villain.

This thought makes Jiren power up all at once and he starts counterattacking. Vegeta says how Goku has powered Jiren, by the thought of his history. His new aura bleeds into the arena, which makes all the spectators worried.

His aura along with Ki blasts outwards and rocks the tournament arena, as he has totally changed by now. He looks all the more powerful and grown up.

# Kamehameha Wave

Jiren says that he would not lose the tournament against Goku and Universe 11, no matter what. He adds that he has the capability and power which is enough to fend Ultra Instinct. Saying this, he fires a massive Ki blast. Goku meets the blast with his own Kamehameha wave.

Jiren feels and states that it is over, as Goku cannot stand the blast. Everyone in the stands seems taken aback. But to their surprise, Goku emerges out and keeps standing unharmed. Only then does Jiren call Goku a “persistent bastard” for having left with so much of energy to fight him?

# Cheering for Goku

Jiren once again launches a Ki blast at Goku, which makes Belmod think Universe 11 has ended up winning the tournament. Goku struggles to hold himelf when he finds Master Roshi, Krillin, and others cheering up for him.

This definitely gives him the strength to fight back. Jiren is awestruck to see that it is impossible for Goku to have so much of stamina to which Goku says it is not over yet.

Jiren questions Goku about how come is he able to stand for so long. Goku responds by saying that since entire Universe 7 is praying for him and trusting him, he surely cannot back down. He says that he means what he is says

# Fight for Others

Piccolo says that Goku is not fighting for himself but, for his friends and his Universe 7 who believes in him and treasures him. The fight gets intense and the spectators are tensed. At the same time, they all are very curious to see in the end, who becomes the victor.

We can now see a flashback of Dragon Ball super episode 130, where everybody can see what Goku had done for others and everyone, over the years. Jiren and Goku’s punches smash and hit each other at this moment.

# Blast at the Stands

Jiren really doesn’t care about friendships and throws a Ki blast at the stands. Goku successfully blocks it right on time. Jiren did this to show Goku that everything could be removed in seconds.

At this Goku says that he is not a hero of Justice or something, but he would do anything to save his friends and he hits Jiren with a punch on his face. They keep attacking each other for some more time.

Goku then hits Jiren with a Kamehameha wave, which affects Jiren badly. He is now lying down in the crater, damaged and asks Goku why he is not finishing him off. Goku says that guy like him has already known this. Jiren asks to be thrown from the stage.

Goku stands above Jiren and as he charges one final Ki blast. Suddenly, his back explodes due to the full Ultra Instinct form he has achieved. He feels lots of pain as his back has exploded with a stream of blood. Suddenly, Belmod tells Jiren to finish off Goku.

Jiren hesitates for a moment. Finally, he takes action against Goku, while Belmont says he would get the Super Dragon Balls 130 episode. Jiren says, “Proud warrior, son Goku. It is not my wish that our showdown ends this way but even though you will cease to be, you will forever live on in my memories.” He says so because Goku appears to be defeated by him.

# Android 17

And just then, Freeza blasts Goku on a rock and Android 17 appears to be alive from the rubble. He and Freeza have to do this for the sake of Goku. With this, the episode ends.

# Conclusion

Episode 130 has great animation and art which makes it stand among the best episodes of Dragonball Z. The episode’s end was full of suspense. People would have to wait for another episode to find out what happened next. All in all, it was a fantastic episode, where Android 17 emerges out alive as well.

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