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Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Review

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Review…

Recap Dragon Ball Super Episode 82

We have seen in the earlier episodes how Goku introduced himself and before his fight with Bergamo could begin, the wolf used his skills and turned all the people against Goku. He painted Goku, the main character as the villain by bringing up the point that it was Goku’s idea in first, for the tournament.

And then, commences the fight between the two, where Bergamo grows bigger, to which Goku also transforms into Saiyan. After Goku is done defeating Bergamo, Universe 7 is declared the winner. Thereafter Grand Minister and Omni kings announce all the rules of the tournament of power.

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# Pride Trooper Leader’s Provocation

Grand Minister says that it is not an actual tournament as the tournament has to be between the Universes, and the winner team will be the one who is left with more number of its surviving team members. At this point, someone enters the ring and provokes Goku for a fight saying that he wants to fight against Goku, the villain.

On asking who he was, he revealed that he was the Universe 11’s Pride Trooper Leader, Top and that he wished to test Goku’s strength.

 This way we get to know from all the previously delivered episodes about Goku’s temporary villainy, and the way other fighters have turned against him. Most of them are finding him disgusting.

# Goku, the Villain – Dragon Ball Super Episode 82

It can be seen by the way Top talks to Goku and the way he calls him villain over and over. The scene has been greatly delivered and we can say this is going to be more than exciting, as we know Top is also a very strong fighter. It is visible from his big arms combined with the big body.

All this continued then leads us to the episode that we’re going to talk about here. To know more and more about how the fight begins and what all attacks do Goku and top make on each other, and what transformations they make to defeat each other, have a look at this below. 

# The Powerful Toppo

Now, when Top or Toppo (in Japanese), gets the permission from the Omni Kings and Grand Minister for the fight, Goku gets inside the arena and transforms into Super Saiyan God. But, it just seems Top is way powerful than Goku and like he says his justice would stop the villain. His hands are massive and appear to be huge enough to have put down with Goku.

# The Reverse Bear Hug – in Dragon Ball Super Episode 82

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 review

As the fight begins, Top is pretty fast and throws a hit against Goku. He attacks Goku, which ends up dislocating his arm. After Goku has relocated his arm, Top again makes a move and grabs him into a reverse bear hug and eventually starts squeezing him.

# Super Saiyan Blue

To prevent this, Goku further changes into super Saiyan Blue and now there seems to be a fight of equal strengths. Earlier, we had started feeling that Top would easily outmatch Saiyan.

They both are pretty furious, such that anyone would struggle to have a clear look at them. The Omni kings start cheering up for both the fighters. Super Saiyan Blue now makes his first attack, to which everyone is awed. Though, he knew this was not enough to kill Top as he wants to take the fight to yet, another level.

Even after this, you would see Top getting back to his position with merely a torn sleeve of his outfit.

# Back to the Monologue

The pride trooper, Top again goes back to chanting his “justice” monologue. He then turns red as a response to which Goku takes a new form too, called Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken.

# The Thrill

Everyone in stands wants extra to see and they all are watching in delight. Just then, Grand Minister orders to stop. On being interrogated, he says they should save this fight and energy for the real tournament, and announces the tournament would start after two days or forty hours, precisely.

Both of them change into their normal form and move to step out of the arena when Goku comes forward to shake hands with Top who denies shaking hands, claiming that justice would not shake hands with the villain.

# Top’s Denial of Friendship

He even warns Goku that Top probably is not the strongest one in his Universe 11, rather Jiren is yet, more powerful than he is. And thus, Jiren will defeat the villain Goku. Stating this, he walks out of the ring. This definitely shows how upset and distressed Top is with Goku.

In this episode, we also observed Beerus being a bit more active than in the previous ones. Now, that Universe 7 has to look for seven more members for the fight, they really have a very short period of time. This ends up making both Beerus and Goku worried about the same.

All the Universes are now leaving, with Universe 7 returning to the Supreme Kai’s world. Beerus starts shouting at Goku, blaming him to be the reason of all that had just happened. He feels Goku is the reason for getting them in a mess. As a god of Destruction, Beerus mostly remain sidelined and doesn’t get a chance to fight. We hope to see him doing something rich this time.

# Conclusion

This way, Episode 82 just served great to the fans, and the fight between Toppo and Goku was enough for us to realize how strong Top was. This sequentially draws our interest in the real fight that would take place between Universe 7 and Universe 11 members in the upcoming episodes.

The way top behaves and treats Goku was persuading yet, some Goku fans might have felt dejected because the way all have turned against Goku makes it appear as if he actually was the villain and not any hero.

To all those who were in attendance, Goku emerged as a true villain. We hope things change in the future for the better. To get more from us, keep yourselves connected.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Review

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