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Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Watch

As we have grasped from the previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super Episode 129, there is a decline of Universe 7. In order to save Goku and Vegeta from the very powerful Jiren, Android 17 gives up his life. Jiren finds his sacrifice a silly step. He thinks no matter how many weak people may try to save Goku from him, he will not let that happen.

Vegeta fights against Jiren in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 129. He has been struggling to hold on and has suffered a lot. Jiren is so influential that his attacks have had a great impact on Vegeta. He cannot even change to his normal form, Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

# Vegeta not Giving Up

Though he is fighting for life yet, he doesn’t give up and keeps fighting against Jiren. He states that even though his body feels like it has been shattered apart yet, he would keep fighting for the sake of Universe 7’s victory in the tournament of power.

Also, Goku enters the fight where he gets a punch on his face by Jiren. When Jiren attacked him, he not only dodged his attack but also delivered a punch. Spectators are amazed at this move, as we can see a change in his posture now.

# The Beginning

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In episode 129, the opening is about Ultra Instinct being activated. We get to see how Goku rises above his limits and how superb this Saiyan can be. On the other side, we have been watching Jiren for weeks. There is no doubt that he is robust and indeed, one of the strongest fighters. The way he has been attacking Goku, back to back shows how much strength he has in his body.

In the earlier episodes, we saw some high-grade commentary coming from those in attendance yet, this week nothing much comes from them except their startled faces. They are all astonished by the huge and perfect comeback by Goku. Instead of speaking much, they prefer watching it with their eyes wide open.

# Ultra Instinct

The real fight has now taken place. As we had expected, Goku became Ultra Instinct. His movements have become sharper than before. Then he charged a powerful Kamehameha wave to which Jiren does nothing. Goku’s other attack is blocked by Jiren easily.

Toppo figures out that Jiren has watched Goku’s fights and he is familiar with his movements, which becomes a plus point for him.

At this point, Belmod looks very sure about Goku not being able to win. He finds out that his defense is not at par with Jiren. He also tells Jiren to finish it off quickly so that Goku doesn’t get much time to recover. Goku is now witnessed to be impressively dodging Jiren’s attacks.

We can then see that there is a flurry of punches between the two, right after which, they collapse in the rock.

Spectators now seem to be bothered, when only Whis seems calm, who tells other people about all being fine. He is able to see what others cannot see. Goku is seen focusing hugely on the fight as everybody who was concerned before, has relaxed slightly now.

It is because Goku has reached the depths of Ultra Instinct. The heat is radiating off of his body and his aura covers the arena.

Jiren has started counterattacking again, Goku is able to block all his back to back punches yet, is running out of space to manage it. This increases everybody’s anxiety once again. Seeing this move, Beerus is content as Goku stands tall. On the contrary, Belmod thinks Universe 11 has almost won the tournament.

# Goku Stands Tall

To his surprise, Goku begins counterattacking Jiren by delivering punches. We were last updated about the time when the last two minutes were left for the tournament to get over. This is growing even exciting because of the way Goku presents a comeback again and again.

Spectators just keep staring at him, his powers and all his moves in awe.

# The Continued Suspense

Nobody wants to get at the conclusion as it would be really early to decide that. In fact, the fight is becoming interesting enormously yet, at the same time, those in attendance are pretty much worried. Vegeta seems very positive as he feels that since so many prayers and blessings are with Goku, there is no chance he would be defeated.

Goku now blocks all of the Jiren’s assaults and himself reaches Jiren and there’s a big cry out there, in the arena as his energy blankets the arena. It seems unusual from what it seemed before. Toppo appears to be surprised by the amount of energy Jiren was pushing.

One last attack and it is the end, feels Jiren.

# Full Form

But, oh my god! What does he see? Goku’s hair turns silver and the blast has disappeared already. Jiren notices Goku standing behind him with almost no impact on him, of the blast. Now, when he tries to attack Goku, his new form is quite intense and misses the attacks easily. Here comes a flurry of punches from Goku.

And yes! This is his complete form. Goku’s full form is revealed totally now amused by which Beerus is compelled to ask if it is his full form.

The episode ends with his comment “That form, that glow, that… that indeed is the complete ultra instinct.”

Even at the end of the episode, we are not updated about the amount of time left for the tournament to get over.

# Conclusion

Episode 129 turns out to be a great episode with a lot of suspense and tension that was created in almost every mind. We would say that the episode was full of back to back surprises and such moments made viewers stick to the screens, similar to the manner, where spectators were amused by the attacks that Goku was making, back to back.

The best part about the episode was the full form of Goku, which is Ultra Instinct. This is a form of Super Saiyan or Goku that we have not seen for a genuinely long time. Actually, we have not seen this side since the first reveal of Super Saiyan.  

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Review

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