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Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Watch

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As we have discussed in the earlier episodes, there is a fight between Universe 3 and Universe 7. Alireza, who turns out to be quite strong gives a remarkably tough competition to the Universe 7’s members. They all attack at him together yet, he can resist their attacks with quite an ease in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 122.

More on Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, Suddenly, Goku thinks of attacking him by unleashing giant Ki blasts. For that, they all turn into their new forms. Goku becomes Super Saiyan Blue, Freeza turns into Golden Freeza, Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan blue as well, Gohan uses his mystic transformation, and Android 17 also charges his energy.

While they all unleash giant Ki blasts at Aniraza, he grows the sphere and starts pushing them behind. At this moment, Android 17 notices his weakness. It is the huge gem on his forehand, and they all attack and 17 broke down the gem, which ultimately eliminates Aniraza.

This leads to the presence of only two universes for the tournament, Universe 7 and Universe 11. The game is surely going to be very fierce as it is now between the two strongest Universes.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 122

# Nine Minutes, Eight Fighters

Here we are informed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, about the time left for the competition to get over. Only nine minutes and eight fighters remain in the tournament. With this, starts our episode 122.

 # The Final Battle of Dragon Ball Z

This episode begins with a stare down between Universe 7 and 11. The only players left are Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, Freeza,  Gohan, Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo. To the grand ministers, the bleachers started looking a bit lonely. 

Now, that the rest of the universes are ended, many spectators change their favorite teams. Vados claims to support Universe 7 because Universe 6 was gone by now, already.

The fight starts in real as Goku and Jiren charge towards each other. All are tensed and exciting at the same time for the most thrilling fight, as Goku and Jiren continue to look into each other’s eyes.

Continuing to stare at him, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. Though, Vegeta finds it a stupid act. With this, they both begin to exchange blows. Jiren asks Goku why does he want to become stronger, to which he responds that he wants to become stronger and that’s it.

# Provocation

The Grand Priest makes a point that the result of the fight Between Goku and Jiren will accurately determine who would prove out to be the strongest one here. The moment the Grand Priest stated this, Vegeta jumps in between, asking Jiren to show his strength.

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On the other side, Dyspo is running in circles claiming Freeza will not be able to hit the circles. Also, Gabon and Android 17 are fighting against Toppo. Vegeta claims that he wants the powers of the super Dragon Balls, but Jiren bats him away.

Vegeta has definitely read and observed Jiren’s movements while he was attacking punches at Goku. This helped him block his punches. In fact, he himself throws a strike of punches at Jiren. Many are amazed by this move of his. He continues with his punches, leaving Zen-Oh highly impressed.

# Attempt for Ultra Instinct

Whis realizes Vegeta might be attempting to transform into Ultra Instinct. Beerus thinks the way Vegeta is dodging Jiren’s attacks and punches is exactly similar to how Ultra Instinct does it. Vegeta continues to attack Jiren, claiming that he was more powerful and fast while fighting Goku. This makes Jiren angry, and he starts counterattacking on him.

Jiren pushes down Vegeta with a Ki blast, by which he is nearly thrown out of the arena. He tries to grasp blast in his hand but, the energy explodes. Meanwhile, Freeza asks Dyspo how long was he going to continue running around.

Dyspo makes clones of himself yet, Freeza is able to locate him with the help of the tail. As he says the tail is very helpful, Dyspo tosses him up from the tail and drags to the ground.

Also, Toppo is struggling against Gohan and Android 17. Gohan’s Kamehameha seems ineffective towards Top, who then claims it to be his turn.

# Whis’s Belief

Looking at all this, Belmond celebrates and becomes pleased about Universe 11’s power. On the other hand, Whis believes the very strong Universe 7 fighters would not let the tournament end like that. Based on the recent counterattacks by Vegeta, he is sure that Universe 7 would not get eliminated from the tournament.

Abruptly, Vegeta notices Jiren is out of breath, saying that Vegeta’s fists are arrogant without purity. Vegeta takes pride in this, and states, “Indeed I am arrogant. But to me, it’s precisely what my pride as a Saiyan is.”

# The Final Charge

As he charges his final charge, he yells that he can transform into Ultra Instinct yet, he would want to win on his own, and would surely find a way. At this, Goku seems surprised at how much strength has increased in Vegeta as he notices those in attendance, looking at him in awe.

As Vegeta challenges his final attack, he is shocked to find Jiren standing still, unharmed at all. Jiren then, trapped Vegeta in a ball of explosive energy, which makes Vegeta fall unconscious. Jiren looks at both Goku and Vegeta, who are both very weakened at the moment.

Here, we get to know that the tournament has reached its final eight minutes now.

# Conclusion

Episode 122 was a complete package of thrill and excitement along with nervousness, all together. We’re glad to see the two strongest fighters, Goku and Jiren reach final of the tournament.

The major attraction in this episode was Vegeta, who kept charging Jiren with his strike of punches and counterattacks. His Super Saiyan becomes his Super Pride. Everybody including Goku, seem astonished by his actions and movements.

Also, it was great to see other fighters like Freeza, Android 17, Gabon fighting upon and charging upon Universe 11’s Toppo and Dyspo who in turn, come out to be great as well.

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