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BusouShoujo Machiavellianism – Anime Review, Wiki, How to Watch


BusouShoujo Machiavellianism is a Japanese anime manga series that was written by YūyaKurokami and illustrated by KarunaKanzaki.The manga series was launched in May 2014 but the anime adaptation was announced on June 19th, 2016. The anime was written by KentoShimoyama and directed by Hideki Tachibana.

This anime is about a young man who gets expelled from his high school. He transfers to a different private school where male students are oppressed by female students.

Years ago, the Academy was an all-girls school. It was later on converted into a co-ed school. Since the girls had never been around boys before, they asked to be allowed to bring weapons to school for their protection.

A student body with the strongest of girls of the school was formed to make sure no boy stepped out of line. They were called the Supreme Five Swords.They made sure that the boys exhibited zero masculinity on school grounds. The boys are usually forced to wear makeup as a way to co-exist.

All the young man wants is to have a free life. He, however, cannot have it unless he gets seals from all the members of the five-member vigilante group in the school. They try to force him into following the rules or leaving the school. He instead decides to challenge them to prove true morality.

BusouShoujo Machiavellianism Characters

1.      Fudou Nomura

Fudou is an orphan who has no memory of his parents. He is the new transfer student to Aichi Academy. He is a master of the spirit bullet, a powerful palm strike, and he uses knife-proof gloves. He was expelled from his former high school after winning a fight against 40 people. His style of swordsmanship is the Jigen-ryū

2.      RinOnigawara

She is the leader of the five-member vigilante group at Aichi Academy, Supreme Five Swords. She is merciless and makes almost all new students to quit school. She wears an Oni mask. She developed feelings for Fudou after they accidentally kissed each other.

Her style of swordsmanship is the Kashima ShindenJikishinkage-ryū.

3.      Mary Kikakujou

She is a French-Japanese student and also part of the Supreme Five Swords. She was obsessed with making Fudou touch her breast when they were fighting. When it didn’t happen, she developed feelings for him. She is very skilled in Fencing and she can accurately pierce your central nerves using her rapier.

4.      Satori Tamaba

She is also a member of the Supreme Five Swords. She stole her twin sister’s birthright after pretending to be her. She once blackmailed Fudou to a fight expecting to defeat him but she ended up losing the fight. Her swordsmanship is the Keishi-ryūKidachi Kata.

5.      WarabiHanasaka

She is another member of the Supreme Five Swords. When Fudou was being blackmailed by Satori, she helped him get into the girl’s dormitory to find Satori. Her swordsmanship style is Taisha-ryū.

6.      TsukuyoInaba

She is the strongest member of the Supreme Five Swords but also happens to be blind. Her swordsmanship style is YakumaruJigen-ryū. It is a descendant style of Fudou’s Jigen-ryū.

7.      KirukiruAmou

She is also a transfer student to Aichi Academy. She defeated Mary and Rin which earned her the title ‘Empress’. She had once fought against Fudou before she was transferred. She goes into a one-on-one battle with Fudou and when he defeats her, she falls in love with him. She is eventually expelled from Aichi Academy. She practices the Uechi-ryu Karate.

8.      NonoMozunono – Rin’s freshman

9.      ChoukaBaragasaki – Mary’s Freshman

10.  SassaKurasaki – A classmate of Fudou and Rin

11.  UiMigii – Another classmate of Fudou and Rin.

12.  TsunemiTouko – A warabi Musketeer who uses iron as a weapon

13.  KinueTanukihara – Another Warabi Musketeer that uses truncheons as weapons.

14.  NicoSaruwatari – A normal student at the academy.

15.  Kyoubou – Hanasaka’s pet bear. It has a cub, Doumo.

16.  MisogiTamaba – Satori’s twin sister.

17.  KusuoMasukodera–Fudou’s roommate.

18.  KoharuNarukami – Tsukuyo’s half-sister.

19.  YukinoFijibayashi – Headmistress of Aichi.

20.  Eva Maria Rose – Caretaker of the girl’s dormitory

21.  DousetsuKirisaki–Fudou’s friend from the school he was expelled from.

22.  Omugi – He is one of the narrators in the episodes final credits.

23.  Hiko – He, Omugi and Kusuo are the narrators in the episodes final credits.

Relationship between the main character and other characters

Fudou seems to be a very good guy that can forge a friendship with pretty much anybody. He exactly seems to have quite the skill when it comes to making other females fall for him. It was like a superpower for him.

However, there were some very important relationships in the series that are really worth looking at in much more detail:


Fudou was an orphan and he had no memory of his parents. He was however adopted by his grandfather. The anime does not clearly show if he is still alive but it is clear that he out Fudou under intense training since he was a master swordsman.

He is responsible for Fudou’s unwillingness to ever use a sword due to the emotional abuse he put him through when training. This is why Fudou developed the hand to hand fighting hence the “magic bullet”


They started off as enemies but as the story progresses, they get pretty close. They share their past stories and become comrades and battle.

He is very aware of her romantic feelings towards him but he does not seem to have the same feelings towards her. It is however very clear that he totally respects and is very protective over her.

Mary Kikajou:

Their start was the most amusing. It is not every day that you find a girl willingly giving you her breasts to fondle. However, Fudou was a lucky man but he turned her down. He made it clear that he would definitely enjoy it but he did not like being forced to do things. I still don’t understand his type of male.

Throughout the story, she seems to be trying to entice him with her body and each time he declines. She also develops feelings for him which he is aware of but chooses not to acknowledge.


Warabi was always desperately trying to correct Fudou through her followers and pet bear but to no avail. She even kidnapped his roommate, masukodera, which forced Fudou to fight her and he defeated her.

He eventually earned her respect. Unlike all other members of the Supreme Five Swords, she does not seem to have a crush on Fudou. If she does then she is very good at hiding it.

Satori Tamaba

For someone who could pretend to be her own sister so she can steal her birthright, we ain’t expecting anything good.

When they first met, Fudou couldn’t get a read out of her and that really put him off. She could kiss him while blackmailing him and even had no problem standing completely naked in front of him.

She eventually also developed romantic feelings for him and could be seen protecting him and thinking of him when she was in trouble.


They both had the same sword style. They fought with Tsukuyo constantly daunting him about his mistakes in fighting. This was accurate as he never completed his training.

Fudou seems to bring out an emotional side of Tsukuyo that shocks her as well. She would attack him for pretty much no reason at all. She eventually offered to be his martial arts teacher.


Sheand Fudou started off as good friends but that did not last long. This is because she started feeling jealous when Fudou interacted with anyone but her.

She would beat any other girl that got close to him and when she was transferred from Aichi academy, he went to the airport to see her off.

How to Watch BusouShoujo Machiavellianism

The series can be streamed online. There are several sites that show this such as Hulu and Amazon. It is clear streaming that makes sure you do not miss any detail.

You also want to want the episodes in the order in which they have been produced. This is because each episode has the main thing that ties it to the next one. As much as all the fights pretty much end the same way, it is important to remember that the details in between are what’s important.

In English, BusouShoujo Machiavellianism is Armed Girl’s Machiavellism and it only had 12 episodes before it stopped airing on June 21st 2017. Each episode is 23 minutes long.

The episodes followed each other as follows;

1.      The Magnificent Blade, RinOnigawara

2.      The Chastity Dorm Riot

3.      The fair sword, Mary Kikakujo

4.      The Warbinpics are starting

5.      The love-crazed blade, WarabiHanasaka

6.      Notes on a scandal

7.      The dubious sword, Satori Tamaba

8.      His and cross-dressing Her Circumstances

9.      The Day Love Died

10.  The terrifying blade, TsukuyoInaba

11.  The magic bullet I’ll always remember

12.  The Girls Machiavellism

BusouShoujo Machiavellianism Review

This anime seems to be mainly centred on one boy who builds up the entire plot. He is a very nice character that is very easy to like. He can go from nice to arrogant and back to nice with no effort at all. His confidence is quite intriguing.

The story was well managed and the concept was pretty amusing. It is a classic story about one boy who adorably beats the crap out of arrogant and annoying girls before they eventually fall in love with him. This concept alone makes one very interested.

Each episode has that main fight that you anxiously waited for. This is a complete plus. The fights are very well played out and every character has their own unique trait. Each move seems to be very well thought out and calculated. This defines them pretty well.

On the downside, the creators totally wasted the potential of some of these characters. The development of the story was very linear and the execution pretty disappointing. The entire series had only 12 episodes which in all honesty were completely rushed.

The main character seemed to have a very heavy past that had completely defined him and yet the creators completely ignored putting some depth into this story and showing us how exactly everything unfolded. This was very mean.

They could have also included one instance where Fudou didn’t have to fight a girl for them to like him. Having everything flow the same way just made the entire plot vague.We would have really appreciated a little twist. One of the girls could have still remained an enemy even after fighting him.

The ending of the anime which was the main boss fight did not really bring out what the main character, fudou, had been fighting for the whole time.

The cast in this anime was pretty long for such a short running time. This ended up giving some of the characters enough time to develop their story. They seemed to have just been sidelined while others got more than enough time. They also had characters that just showed up at the end of the series. We couldn’t really explain them.

I’m not sure what exactly it reflects from society or what it tries to teach. Some would try to explain it as a lesson towards misguided feminism but there is no exact spot to hit.

In conclusion I would like to say that BusouShoujo Machiavellianism is not a very bad anime and it is actually worth looking into. It is entertaining and a little though provoking and you will not be bored. It, however, does feel like one of those series that will be forgotten quickly. It is also not for everyone. It is, however, a good choice for anybody looking for a quick binge watch.

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